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capezio juliet ballet shoes
capezio juliet ballet shoes

Capezio Women's 2027 Juliet Ballet Shoe

These Capezio Juliet Ballet Shoes is top notch when it comes to fit, since it feels more like a second skin. The soft leather ballet slipper includes unattached elastic straps that you can customize yourself, a split-suede sole suede sole that glides delicately, a moisture-absorbent lining, and a sculpted, seamless arch that molds to the perfect fit. Capezio Women's 2027 Juliet Ballet Shoe Constructed of soft, durable, sheep skin, glove leather. Split sole. Patented diamond gusset creates a seamless, sculpted arch. Moisture absorbent brushed polyester/cotton lining gives better floor feel. Precision trimmed forefoot padding ensures a flat shoe. Bar-tacked elastic drawstring. Contoured, durable chrome tanned suede sole patches. 3/8" elastics pre-attached at the heel. Shaped on a women's last. Begin with street shoe size. 

Features :
  • leather
  • Suede sole
  • This shoe's sizing is equivalent to street shoe size
  • Moisture absorbent brushed polyester/cotton lining
  • Patented seamless, sculpted arch
These Capezio Juliet Ballet Shoes are available in Light Pink, White, Black and Rose Qurtz Color.

This  Capezio Women's 2027 Juliet Ballet Shoe gets 4.1 out of 5 stars from 8 customers reviews.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews :

Good shoe, small issues

I had my previous Capezio Juliets for about 11 months. I dance anywhere from 5 - 10 hours a week and they have suited me just fine. The only issue I found was the inside sole came out on one of them. Also, if you point hard, the toe seemed to be the first thing to go, though that's pretty standard with any shoe. Overall, I enjoyed them and would get them again.

Wonderful Ballet Slipper!

I wear an 8 1/2 in most shoes and have very narrow feet. Capezio is usually the only dance shoe brand that will fit me. I ordered both an 8 1/2 and a 9 in these and sent the 9 back. The 8 1/2 did feel a little tight at first but the leather will stretch and you want it to mold to your foot. The leather is very soft and supple. I really like the way the arch piece is shaped--it is very flattering to the foot. The name of the color is deceiving--there is nothing "rose" about these shoes. These are NOT pink ballet slippers. If you're wanting a shoe to match pink tights, these are not the right color. However, they do match my Capezio tights in Light Suntan. Since I wear tan tights, these look better than traditional pink ballet shoes.

Perfect Fit, Perfectly Comfortable

This was my first ballet shoe, purchased for a barre class at the Y. (I'm 59, but never had an opportunity to learn dance.) I absolutely love it! Based on Capezio's fit guide, I ordered the same street shoe size that I actually measure on one of those measuring devices at shoe stores. Capezio's fit guide seems to work very well for their dance shoes; I own 2 pairs of their character shoes - perfect fit first try, both times. (Due to the variance in manufacturers, and even shoes within manufacturer, the size that I measure is frequently not the size that fits, and I seem to have very hard to fit feet.) These fit perfectly! Even the width is perfect, and I generally have a terrible time with shoes being too wide. They're soft & flexible; when I move they move with my feet, and I don't go sliding around inside them. They're as comfortable as being barefoot! 

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